The best Google tools for ecommerce business.

There are loads of online resources to help maximise your business’ potential. We’ve plucked a selection of the best Google tools available.Google reigns as the world’s most popular website, so boosting your business’ profile on the search engine is a must for online success. Alongside tools to help you do this are resources that can enable you to make improvements to your customer journeys and to better understand your market.

Google Analytics

Let’s start with the most obvious: Google Analytics. This is an essential tool for optimising your website and understanding your customer base. This free tool helps businesses identify which channels are performing the best in terms of sending traffic to your website or apps and where the conversion process may be falling down, helping you to understand where best to concentrate efforts. Without analytics, making improvements to your site and the customer journey comes down to little more than guesswork.

Google Merchant Centre and Google AdWords

To give your products a profile in Google Shopping and other Google services you need to upload relevant product data to the Google Merchant Center.
Once your products have been uploaded, you can help to get them in front of shoppers’ eyes by creating a campaign in Google AdWords. You have full control, producing your own ad and selecting the most appropriate keywords. The resulting ad will pop up alongside the search results when customers type in relevant keywords. Ads are charged on a pay-per-click basis and there is a “Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator” to help establish the best keywords and to aid with budgeting.
Measuring the ROI over a set period will soon reveal whether this is providing value to your business.

Google Alerts

Alerts is a useful tool for discovering what is being said about your business. Set up in a matter of seconds, it delivers a weekly, daily or as-it-happens email roundup of online coverage about your brand. Alerts can also be handy for keeping an eye on competitors and for staying on top of the latest industry news.

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